Beware of fake websites and social media accounts

Beware of fake websites and social media accounts

Important 2023.01.18 (Last updated: 2023.01.19)

We have confirmed the existence of several fake websites (fraudulent websites) and fake SNS accounts that pose as our store by stealing information such as our product images, wording, and company name without permission, or by using the same or similar name as our store. We have actually received inquiries from customers about these sites.

Please be aware that these "fake websites" and "fake SNS accounts" have absolutely no connection to our store, so please refrain from placing orders, making transfers, or exchanging personal information with them.

*We are not responsible for any troubles that may arise between customers and "fake sites" or "fake SNS accounts."

How to avoid becoming a victim


  • Isn't the price extremely cheap?
  • Is this the page you arrived at by searching for a product number?
  • Is the URL different from that of the official site?
  • If it's a social media account, have you confirmed that it's an official account?
  • Are there many errors or typos in the descriptions on your website and in your reply emails, and is the Japanese written in an unnatural way?
  • Payment method is "bank transfer" only
  • Bank account name does not match operating company
  • Cash on delivery is not available as a payment method
  • The phone number is not listed (there is no phone number for inquiries, only an email address or an email form)
  • The contact address is a free email address

Product sales site

Our products are only sold at the following URL.

official (San-ei)
Yahoo! Shopping Store
Amazon store
  • Products sold and shipped by San-A World's Top Products

Official SNS account

We will only contact customers through the following social media accounts that we manage.
*All accounts are official.

What to do if you are a victim

Personalized Attention

If you paid by direct deposit or credit card, please contact the financial institution or credit card company to which the money was transferred to report the fraud .
If you keep using the same password, it may be misused in various ways, so be sure to change it to a different password.

Consultation with the police station

Please have ready all necessary documents related to your transaction partner, such as the transaction screen, the contents of emails exchanged with the other party, the other party's information (ID, address, phone number, account number), transfer records, etc., and contact your nearest police station in advance to make a consultation.

Contacting SNS administrators

Please report the matter to the reporting hotline set up on each SNS and seek advice.

Public consultation desk

If you have fallen victim to this crime, please contact the following office.
Consultation desk: National Police Agency, List of cybercrime consultation desks at prefectural police headquarters