Three reasons why it is safe and profitable

Three reasons why it is safe and profitable
1. New and genuine

We do not deal with any counterfeit products.
All luxury brand items sold at San-A are brand new and authentic.

We source our products through leading overseas partners, so there is no chance of counterfeit products being mixed in.

In addition, if scratches or other defects are found during inspection, we will clearly state this on the product introduction page as "reasonable price".

2. Direct procurement from overseas

Since 2000, we have developed direct sourcing from Europe, and currently have partnerships with over 20 companies, mainly in Italy and France, traveling there several times a year to purchase the latest fashions with our own unique perspective.

We also work closely with our partners in Italy and share the latest local information, allowing us to meet a wide range of requests, including rare items that are not available in Japan.

We offer a wide variety of items, including men's and women's apparel, bags, shoes, and miscellaneous goods, all at attractive prices that only San-A can offer.

3. More than half a century of experience in brick-and-mortar stores

Founded in 1954, San-A is a trusted and traditional select shop located in Fukuoka City.
We started out as a fountain pen specialist store, but have evolved with the times, gaining the immense trust of our customers in the fashion sector and experiencing great growth.

Currently, we carry the latest top brands from around the world, from men's and women's hats to shoes.
We offer direct imports from overseas.

Based on the track record and trust we have built in our physical stores, we will continue to provide the same high-quality, heartwarming service tailored to the needs of each individual customer online.